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I love music and I spend a lot of time listening.  Owning an iPod and a Droid phone means that a lot of time formerly wasted waiting somewhere can be spent listening to music. 

I buy a lot of music.  When I really like a musician
I often buy all the recordings available.  I like some musicians so much that a few years ago I started collecting amateur recordings of live concerts to add to my CD collection.

Many amateur recordings of live concerts are available on the Internet.  Many artists state that these ROIOs (Recordings Of Independent Origin) may be freely shared, but not sold.  None of the music here has been commercially released nor has freely trading been prohibited by the artist.  If you enjoy this music pass it on; you may give this music or URL to others.  

I've archived the files for each concert into one or more 100 MB RAR files - even though mp3 and FLAC files don't compress - in order to keep all the files together for easy downloads.  To get the show you must download all the parts of the RAR file and use software to un-archive it.  
.  FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Compression) files are CD quality audio. Tag information is filled in.
.  If you want to play flac files without first converting them, try Songbird - an open source alternative to iTunes.
.  The mp3 files are 192 kbps with the mp3 tag information filled in so they are iPod (or any other mp3 player) ready. 
I use and recommend mp3tag (donationware) it works on flac files too.
.  If you use Firefox the Flashgot extension will let you mark a group of files and then download all with one click.
.  WinRAR is good for unpacking (and creating) archives and you can try it for free.  A license is $29.
.  7-Zip is Open Source (free) and will unpack rar files.
.  To convert flac files to WAV or mp3, Trader's Little Helper is a good free program.  Another is Switch.

I've been collecting these concerts for years.  
 .  I find most of the lossless boots on the bittorrent tracker   Another good tracker is
 .  I recommend  the free torrent client uTorrent.  
 .  If you download torrents please be a good citizen and keep seeding after your downloads are complete so that others may get the music too.

Support the musicians by buying their CDs and DVDs.

Comments, suggestions, error reports, requests: email me   I live in Salem, Oregon USA.
Please tell me where you live and where you found the link to this web page.

ROIO music update log

last updated: Sunday Nov. 29, 2009, 9:00 PM PST

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Bonnie Raitt 11 shows / Sept. 12, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
There are a couple of great early recordings of Bonnie in the ROIOs:  the 1972 Philadelphia show is great.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Stayed Too Long At The Fair 

The first Ronnie Raitt album that I bought was Streetlights (1974) and I was hooked immediately.  My favorite is Nick of Time (1989), a Grammy winner that rejuvinated Bonnie's career.

Boz Scaggs 5 shows / Aug. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
I recommend the 1976 Live Silk bootleg.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Lido Shuffle

The first Boz album I bought was Silk Degrees. You should buy it too.  Among newer albums I like Come on Home.

Bruce Hornsby  9 shows / Sept. 30, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A former Part time member of the Grateful Dead, Bruce often plays some of the Grateful Dead tunes in his shows. ROIO mp3 Sample: Truckin'

My favorites of his albums are Scenes from the Southside and Spirit Trail.

Buddy Miller 7 shows / Aug. 27, 2009
FLAC files mp3 files
Great singer-songwriter, well known in Nashville.  ROIO mp3 Sample: A Showman's Life.

Midnight and Lonesome is a great album. I also recommend Buddy and Julie Miller.

   Dave Matthews 5 shows / Nov. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
RPOI mp3 sample:  Crash Into Me.

I like the album  Crash

Delbert McClinton 5 shows / Sept. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
The 2005 and 2006 ROIO shows from Glenside PA are pretty good with a mix of Delbert's classic songs and new material. ROIO mp3 Sample: Old Weakness

I like the album One of the Fortunate Few.

Dire Straits 7 shows / Aug. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A bunch of ROIOs from the 70's and 80s here.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Money for Nothing

Brothers in Arms is the album that most people identify with Dire Straits.  Mark Knopfler's guitar playing is fabulous.

Eliza Gilkyson 6 shows / Sept. 30, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Eliza has been around a while but I only began listening to her recently.  I don't know how I overlooked her for so long. ROIO mp3 Sample: Tender Mercies

Paradise Hotel was nominated for several awards. Your Town Tonight is a good recent live album.

Elvis Costello 10 shows / Oct. 9, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A long lasting and versitile star.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Alison

My Aim is True is the album that first exposed most American's to Elvis.  Almost Blue was Elvis's version of Country music.

Emmylou Harris 11 shows / Aug. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
I've been in love with Emmylou for nearly forty years.  There are a bunch of ROIO from the 70's here.  Emmylou sang harmony with Gram Parsons when he recorded G.P.and Grievous Angel. After Parsons death in 1973 she continued to sing some of his songs in shows. ROIO mp3 Sample: Return Of The Grievous Angel  It was a real treat when I heard her sing Grievous Angel in 2008 but as far as I know she's never recorded it.  

I really like the classic Emmylou albums from the 70's, especially Elite Hotel.  Mark Knopfler and Emmylou's collaboration All the Roadrunning is a wonderful album that's always in my playlist.

Gillian Welch
10 shows / Sept. 2, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Another artist that I only started listening to a few years ago.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Orphan Girl

Revival is her best known (and I think best) album.

   Golden Smog 4 shows / Nov. 28, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Golden Smog is comprised, at different times, of members of Soul Asylum, The Replacements, Wilco, The Jayhawks, Run Westy Run, The Honeydogs and Big Star.  The lineup often changes, but those who who appear on all the recordings are guitarists Kraig Johnson (Run Westy Run), Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum) and Gary Louris (The Jayhawks), along with bassist Marc Perlman (The Jayhawks).  ROIO mp3 sample: He's a Dick

My favorite CD is Another Fine Day

Grateful Dead
30 shows / Sept. 18, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
America's party band for over thirty years, they always made it easy for fans to record the shows. ROIO mp3 Sample: I Know You Rider  Just because I could, I have shared one Grateful Dead ROIO from each year from 1966 through 1995.

Guy Clark
5 shows / Aug. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
One of the best of the Texas singer-songwriters.  Outtakes from Keepers is a good ROIO with Guy performing his best known songs.   ROIO mp3 Sample: Texas 1947

Somedays The Song Writes You is his latest album.  It's been growing on me.

Hayes Carll
4 shows / Aug. 19, 2009
FLAC files mp3 files
A Texas singer-songwriter with often wry lyrics.  ROIO mp3 Sample: She Left Me for Jesus

She Left Me for Jesus is a laugh-out-loud song and it's on the new album Trouble in Mind.

Jackson Browne
10 shows / Sept. 12, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Jackson Browne has been a great singer-songwriter for over 30 years.   ROIO mp3 Sample: The Pretender

I love the old JB albums, especially The Pretender.  I like the recent Solo Acoustic vol I and Solo Acoustic vol II albums a lot too.

James Taylor
9 shows / Aug. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
There are several good ROIOs from the 70s here.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Sweet Baby James

One of my all -time favorite lyrics is "Dreaming of Women and glasses of beer" in the classic Sweet Baby James.  Among newer albums I like October Road.

The Jayhawks
16 shows / Nov. 22, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
I really like this influential Alt Country band.  They've spend most of the time in the last five years on hiatus but there's still hope that they'll resume playing and recording.  ROIO mp3 Sample:  Settled Down Like Rain

I recommend the album Hollywood Town Hall.  The new compilation Music from the North Country is pretty good if you  don't already have any Jayuhawks albums.  The One CD version contains their best stuff, the Two CD version is for serious Jayhawks fans.

Jeff Tweedy
5 shows / Aug. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
When Jeff performs solo the Wilco songs sometimes have a different character. ROIO mp3 Sample: Summer Teeth

Jeff performs solo acoustic versions of Uncle Tupelo and older Wilco songs on the DVD video Sunken Treasure, recorded on a Pactific Northwest tour in 2006.  The DVD includes a link for downloading mp3 files of all the songs plus two bonus songs.

Jerry Jeff Walker
6 shows / Sept. 22, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A well known Texas singer songwriter.   ROIO mp3 Sample: Mr. Bojangles.  

Mr. Bojangles is his classic album.

   Joe Ely 5 shows / Nov. 27, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Texas singer songwriter who spans several genres.  ROIO mp3 sample:  Must Notta Gotta Lotta

I like the album Letter To Laredo

John Fogerty
10 shows / Sept. 25, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
John was the heart and soul of Creedence Clearwater Revival and continues to write and perform new material. ROIO mp3 Sample: Deja Vu All Over Again

Centerfield was John's big comeback album after about years of retirement following the breakup of CCR.  His newer Stuff includes some more political songs and I liked Deja Vu All Over Again.

John Prine
14 shows / Sept. 2, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A great singer-songwriter.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Angel from Montgomery   A real treat is hearing John Prine and Bonnie Rait sing Angel together.

1971's John Prine is a classic. 2004's Fair and Square won a Grammy, John's second.

Leonard Cohen
9 shows / Sept. 28, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A great songwriter with a unique voice, Cohen has a devoted following.  At 75 he's stiill writing new songs and performing. ROIO mp3 Sample: Democracy

Live in London (recorded in 2008) is wonderful.  I got a DVD of this show as a reward for contributing to Public Television.

Little Feat
 13 shows / Sept. 22, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Members come and go (or die) but this band keeps on.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Willin'

Dixie Chicken and Feats Don't Fail Me Now are classsic LF albums.  Among the post-Lowell George albums, I like Let it Roll.

Loudon Wainwright III 9 shows / Sept. 22, 2009
FLAC files mp3 files
A real character and an alternately introspective and funny songwriter.   ROIO mp3 Sample: One Man Guy 

Last Man on Earth is my favorite LW3 album.  Loudon's newest: High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project is a pleasant surprise.  Some of the songs are in the 2009 WFUV broadcast ROIO.

Lucinda Williams
28 shows / Sept. 2, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A fabulous singer-songwriter - one of my favorites.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Metal Firecracker

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is a masterpiece and won a well deserved Grammy.  It's always in my playlist.

Lucy Kaplansky
11 shows / Oct. 29, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
I don't know why I'd never really listened to Lucy until a couple years ago, but now at least one of her albums is always in my play list. ROIO mp3 Sample: Ten Year Night

Ten Year Night and Every Single Day are my favorite of Lucy's albums.

Lyle Lovett
12 shows / Sept. 12, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Another Texas singer songwriter. ROIO mp3 Sample: If I Had A Boat

His first Album Lyle Lovett quickly established him.  I also like Step Inside This House, a Two-CD album of music by other Texas songwriters.

Mark Knopfler
 8 shows / Sept. 29, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Mark was co-founder of Dire Straits and embarked on a solo career when DS disbanded in 1995.  He's one of the best rock guitar players. ROIO mp3 Sample: Golden Heart

I like Mark's solo albums, especially Golden Heart.  
Mark and Emmylou Harris's collaboration All the Roadrunning is a wonderful album that's always in my playlist.

The Moody Blues
10 shows / Sept. 18, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Active since 1964 the Moody Blues just keep on keeping on.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Nights In White Satin

Days of Future Passed (1967) is a classic album and should be in everyone's collection.

Norah Jones
7 shows / Aug. 28, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A real newcomer compared to most of my favorites. ROIO mp3 Sample: Don't Know Why

Come Away With Me was a fabulous debut album for her in 2002.

Paul Simon
5 shows / Aug. 28, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A great singer songwriter that I've been listening to since the sixties (Simon and Garfunkle).  ROIO mp3 Sample: Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard

Although Graceland (1986) was a megahit, my favorites are his 1970s albums Paul Simon,  There Goes Rhymin' Simon and Still Crazy After All These Years.  

Richard Thompson 13 shows / Sept. 23, 2009 FLAC files
mp3 files
Richard and Linda Thompson had a few hits in the 70's and 80's and after they broke up Richard kept performing solo. ROIO mp3 Sample: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

My favorite album is Rumor & Sigh (1991)

Robert Earl Keen
16 shows / Aug. 12, 2009
FLAC files mp3 files
Yet another damn good Texas singer-songwriter. ROIO mp3 Sample: Corpus Christi Bay

A Bigger Piece of the Sky and Gravitational Forces are good albums.

   Rod Stewart 11 shows / Nov. 22, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
I prefer Rod's older songs to the stuff he's performing lately.  ROIO sample:  Maggie May.

Rod's classic album is Every Picture Tells a Story.

Rosanne Cash
6 shows / Nov. 22, 2009
FLAC files mp3 files
One or another of Rosanne's albums have been in my Playlist for nearly thirty years. I only have a few ROIO, but I wish I had a bunch.  ROIO mp3 Samples: The Wheel, and Long Black Veil (from 2009 radio show promoting "The List")

The List was just released and it's easily my favorite album of 2009.  I'll be surprised it doesn't win a Grammy for best Country album, and perhaps another Grammy for best produced album.  Another of my favorites is 10 Song Demo.

   Shawn Colvin 4 shows /  Nov. 20, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
   ROIO mp3 sample:  Sunny Came Home  (Winner of Grammy's for Record of the Year and Song of the Year 1998)

An Austin singer songwriter with pop success.  I like Whole New You and These Four Walls

Sheryl Crow
11 shows / Oct. 6, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Winner of an incredible nine Grammy awards.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Everyday Is A Winding Road

I like the albums Sheryl Crow and Tuesday Night Music Club.

Steve Earle
46 shows / Nov. 22, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
I'm a big fan of (Texas) singer songwriter Steve Earle.  Steve says that his teachers were Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark.  ROIO mp3 Samples: Steve's Last RambleJerusalem

His breakout 1986 album Guitar Town hooked me immediately.  The Revolution Starts... Now won a Grammy in 2004 and Washington Square Serenade won a Grammy in 2008. 
Steve's latest album, Townes, is covers of songs written by mentor and friend Townes Van Zandt.  

Steve Goodman
11 shows / Nov. 20, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Steve died of Lukemia in 1984 but his music lives on.  He's probably better known as a songwriter.  ROIO mp3 Sample: City Of New Orleans.  

No Big Suprise is a nice 2 CD Anthology.

   Tom Waits 9 shows / Nov. 25, 2009 FLAC files mp3 Files

Tom's newest album is Glitter and Doom Live.

Townes Van Zandt
22 shows / Sept 7, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
Steve Earle said "Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I'll stand Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that." Townes died in 1997 but he left behind many songs and albums.  ROIO mp3 Sample: Pancho and Lefty 

I recommend the albums For the Sake of the Song and Our Mother the Mountain.   An excellent live recording of Townes early in his career (1977) is 
Live at the Old Quarter.

Uncle Tupelo
13 shows / Aug. 28, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
One of the most influential Alt Country groups Uncle Tupelo was active from 1987 through 1994.  When UT broke up Jay Farrar formed Son Volt and Jeff Tweedy took most of the band to form Wilco. ROIO mp3 Sample: No Depression

I recommend the albums March 16-20, 1992 and No Depression.

Whiskeytown (Ryan Adams)
6 shows / Aug. 28, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
I liked the sound of Ryan's 1994-1999 band Whiskeytown.  This was another of the influential Alt Country bands. ROIO mp3 Sample: Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
I recommend Faithless Street and Strangers Almanac.

19 shows / Sept. 2, 2009 FLAC files mp3 files
A very successful and inflential group.  Lots of ROIOs are available. ROIO mp3 Sample: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

I recommend the albums A.M. and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.